Data Recovery & Backup

There’s nothing worse than losing your data – particularly if you’ve been working on an important project or you’ve saved all of your family photos on to your hard drive. Fortunately, there are ways to recover lost data, even if your hard drive has been completely wiped and you can’t get your PC to boot up at all.

In fact, certain data-extraction techniques will even allow me to restore files that have been manually deleted from your Recycle Bin or lost to a formatted drive, so don’t give up hope if you discover that all your important files have been wiped – just get in touch, and we’ll work together to fix the problem as fast as possible.

Mr. Norelid accomplished the almost impossible for me and saved my bacon. My computer crashed, AND the hard drive was “protected” with military strength encryption software. Several people said that I’d never see my data again. They were wrong: He brought my laptop back to life and my irreplaceable data with it. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Stuart M.

How Much of My Data Can You Recover?

Years of experience have enabled me to deal with any data recovery project, no matter the size. I’ll normally be able to restore all of your important files and documents as well, regardless of whether they’re audio files, video files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, photos, or any other media.

There are some situations where total recovery won’t be possible though – particularly if you allow a lot of time to pass before attempting to recover lost data, or continue to save things to your hard drive after accidentally wiping important files. That’s why I’d always advise shutting down your PC and getting in touch as soon as possible, particularly if the data you’ve lost is of critical importance.

Can You Help Me Protect My Data?

As well as helping you to recover lost data, I’m also well-equipped to help you prevent accidental file loss – either by providing you with an external hard drive to back your data up on to, or by getting you set up with cloud backup that will allow you to save large amounts of data on secure online servers.

So, if you want to guard your most valuable files, call me today, and we can work together to ensure that all of your important data is properly protected.

I’ll even help you to safely transfer your data on to your new hard drive, and show you how to best go about backing up your data in future.

Call 713 IT Support Today for Your Data Recovery & Backup Needs

Regardless of whether you need some crucial data restored, or you’re interested in protecting yourself from future calamity, get in touch now, and I can work with you to ensure that your data stays safe.